Evel as a Pimp?


IRWIN KRAMER: Fearless, adventurous, death-defying, famous for his legendary leaps, Evel Knievel is now known as the Father of Extreme Sports, but the legend took objection to one stunt pulled after he attended ESPN’s Extreme Sports Awards.

Though the network eventually removed the picture, EXPN.Com praised his virility by showing the daredevil with his arms around his wife and another woman as proof that you are never too old to be a pimp.

IRWIN KRAMER: Evel was not really a pimp, but he was too old to take it as a compliment, so he had his lawyer embark on another extreme sport, suing the site for slander. Did this daredevil jump to the wrong conclusion? The court refused to take the caption seriously, calling someone pimp is not very nice, but in this case, the court thought the network really did mean it as a compliment.

IRWIN KRAMER: Having leaped to the wrong conclusion, the daredevils’ lawsuit came to a crash landing and the case was dismissed.