The Real Costanza


IRWIN KRAMER: He is short, stocky, slow witted, balding, self-conscious, and socially inept. George Costanza got his character flaws from Seinfeld co-creator, Larry David. His last name came from Jerry’s old college buddy. Mike Costanza did not seem to mind his neurotic namesake except when he played an angry trucker in this Seinfeld scene.

IRWIN KRAMER: Once the series ended, the real Costanza got even louder, writing an unauthorized biography on the real Seinfeld and suing Jerry for mocking his name.

Would the court take his case seriously?

The judge was not amused by his 100 Million dollar lawsuit. Costanza not only took too long to sue, he had no right to complain about the use of his last name. He even fined Costanza for filing a frivolous lawsuit.

Though he appealed the fine, the real Costanza learned a humbling lesson, A show about nothing can last a while, but a lawsuit needs a bit more substance.