Office E-Mail


If you think the e-mail you just sent from the office is private, you wouldn't believe who's reading it.

IRWIN KRAMER: If you think your E-mail at the office is private, think again.

ROCHELLE EISENBERG: I read peoples private E-mails all the time as a lawyer. When they find that out, they are surprised, but my employer's clients turn them over to me and I read them.

IRWIN KRAMER: Contrary to popular belief, you do not have a right to privacy in office E-mail, even when you are sending a note to a friend.

ROCHELLE EISENBERG: I am appalled at the pornography that I have read, the inappropriate jokes, and the inappropriate statements about the employer. You know, an employer writes to a coworker, my boss is a complete jerk, a total turkey. I do not think that person should be expecting a raise this year. May be a letter of termination would be better.

IRWIN KRAMER: What gives the employer the right to read your private e-mail.

ROCHELLE EISENBERG: Is not it the right of the employer to know what the employee is doing during the workday on the employerâ??s equipment? The savvier employers are monitoring the E-mails and they need to, because if they do not, they may find to their chagrin that one employe has been sexually harassing another employee by E-mail has been making defamatory comments or is even looking for a job on your time via the e-mail.