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Suing Simon

SIMON COWELL: Bizarrely dreadful!

SIMON: Amazingly dreadful!

SIMON COWELL: One of the worst voices I have ever heard in my life.

SIMON COWELL: Excruciatingly awful!

SIMON COWELL: What is the problem?

IRWIN KRAMER: Wouldn't you just love to sue Simon?

SIMON COWELL: Honestly! One of the worst I have heard in my life.

CONTESTANT: The worst?

SIMON COWELL: Yeah! Honestly.

IRWIN KRAMER: One fellow has already done that. Harry Keane was not a contestant on the American Idol. He claims to have been its creator, first conceiving the idea in 1995.

SIMON COWELL: I mean, are you serious?

IRWIN KRAMER: Having produced more obscure musicals, Keane says that he tried to market a talent show called American Idol with mass e-mails, internet postings, and marketing materials to sell his idea to a larger production company or network. Nobody bought.

SIMON COWELL: I think we are just going to say no and wish you lots of luck if you would just go.

IRWIN KRAMER: So imagine Keane’s surprise, when his vision came to life on a hit TV show.

SIMON COWELL: You are not serious.

IRWIN KRAMER: No matter what Simon says, if Keane came up with the idea first, isn’t he entitled to some form of compensation? Not in federal court, he is not. By posting his great idea all over the internet, the court thought he blurted it out and could hardly expect to be paid for it.

SIMON COWELL: Oh my God! What a horrible nightmare.

Law Can Be Stranger than Fiction

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