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Suing Simon

American Idol's toughest judge faces a federal judge in a lawsuit over the rights to the hit TV show.

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The Real Costanza

The real Costanza sued the real Seinfeld over a "show about nothing." Did his lawsuit have more substance?

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Chicken Suit

He once called his chicken "Finger Lickin' Good." But when the Colonel cried foul, one KFC store served him this chicken suit.

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The Cat Tax

Was meowing for mullah a mistake? When one cat got fat on chat, a southern town's effort to tax his earnings left him speechless.

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The Dog Day Lawsuit

Any resemblance to persons living or dead was purely intentional -- prompting one such person to sue the show's producers.

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Litigating Barbie

When pop band Aqua mocked Mattel's version of the All-American girl, the toy maker defended her honor in court.

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Naughty Santa

After passing himself off as Santa Claus, Warren Hayes wound up on prosecutors' naughty list.

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Stealing Sinatra

They say that crime doesn't pay, but that didn't stop Frank Sinatra, Jr.'s kidnapper from trying.

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Evel as a Pimp?

"Evel Knievel proves that you're never too old to be a pimp." ESPN called it a "compliment". Evel jumped to a different conclusion.

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Law Can Be Stranger than Fiction

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