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Using the "R" Word

IRWIN KRAMER: Washingtonians have hailed to the Redskins for generations showing their pride on the Gridiron and just about everywhere else. Yet some think their true colors are racist. Once cheered to scalp their rivals by a band that led a fight for Old Dixie, the Redskins changed their tune in the early 60s, but kept the name that offends some Native Americans.

One group backed by the National Congress of American Indians took on the team petitioning to cancel the Redskins trademark and remove powerful federal protection for the team’s name and insignia.

IRWIN KRAMER: The Redskins defended their name they have used for generations even if some find it offensive. They have registered the trademark back in the 60s and thought time ran out on the arrivals. Did the home team win? Defense would inhale to the Redskins. The trademark office found the R word offensive and decided to cancel the team’s trademark. The team called time out, but since there is no time limit on such challenges, the appeals court let the case continue in the court system.

Unless the team can pull an upset, they can still play around with the R word, but may have to do so without the R in a circle.

UPDATE: In the end, the "court of public opinion" put and end to the controversy and the Redskins' owner reluctantly pulled the name.

Law Can Be Stranger than Fiction

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