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Whiplash for Dummies

MICHAEL FRANCHETTI: The most common type of auto accident I see is a rear-end collision where a stationary vehicle is struck from behind, the neck and head are pushed backwards. When the vehicle comes to a sudden stop, the head and neck whipped forward causing a whiplash of the neck and back.

When I do an independent medical e valuation, I am asked to see not only the extent of those injuries, but also whether the accident actually caused to contribute to those injuries.

What areas were injured?

It is my neck and my lower back.

I get a through history, did you take any x-rays.

An x-ray is only going to show us the bones. In addition to bones in the neck and the back an MRI scan, which stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging will also show the disc, the ligaments, the muscles, and the nerves.

If they had previous x-rays or an MRI scan, I would like to see not only those results, but I would like to review the films themselves. What usually brings on the neck pain, I work at a computer all day ... sitting irritates neck and back, any help, then I will take a look at the back here. I then go through a thorough examination of the injured areas. Any pain up to here? No or through here? No.

Is the back pain also worse on the right side? No.

If the history does not fit the examination, that should raise a red flag. I also reviewed all pertinent medical records and if there was a prior history of any injuries. I would also like to see those records. It is mostly so very painful and my lower back is very irritated. I am trying to find out if some of her complaints are due to this injury or possibly a previous injury or condition.

To complete my evaluation, I summarize her history and summarize my complete physical examination and the x-ray findings and then come up with a conclusion, and then I will prepare my report for Mr. Kramer, which he will have in about a week.

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