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IRWIN KRAMER: The boss may not like it very much, but these employees are exercising their first amendment right.

In Thornhill v. Alabama, the United States Supreme Court ruled that employees have "a right giving them freedom of speech and the freedom to gather together in a public place to protest in this case what they claim to be mistreatment by their employer."

The boss may think it stinks, but the Supreme Court of United States thinks that picketing is an exercise of freedom of expression unless there is a vote of violence or harm to public safety, a ban on picketing can be justified only where the clear danger of subjective evils affords no opportunity to test the merits of ideas in the market of public opinion.

IRWIN KRAMER: The employer may disagree, but he cannot do much about it, if they are not inferring with their job, the United State Supreme Court says all is fair game.

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