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Premium Insurance Coverage

JOHN DOETZER: The most important feature in a personal auto policy is protection against third party liability claims. You hit somebody else and cause bodily injury or property damage. That individual has a right to recover damages from you as a result of your negligence.

IRWIN KRAMER: You can think of it as a legal insurance policy. If you ever get sued for causing an accident, it is your insurance company that pays my hourly rates, not you.

JOHN DOETZER: There is a second feature to a personal auto policy and that is physical damage coverage.

DAVID PISANIC: People will have say $20,000 in coverage. $20,000 is a not lot of money anymore for a property damage to a car. Cars are worth, $40,000, $50,000, $60,000, so immediately people have great problems because they do not have coverage that they need.

Uninsured motorist coverage is the most important coverage that you can buy.

JOHN DOETZER: This part of the policy allows you to purchase a limit of liability to protect you and the occupants of your vehicle against injury and damaged caused by somebody who does not carry insurance.

DAVID PISANIC: You have to understand that there are great many people riding around you, who do not have any insurance coverage at all.

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