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Insurance Claims Games

DAVID PISANIC: An insurance adjustor is not always concerned about whether or not they are not getting a fair shake.

JEFFREY GOULD: The people that are sent up by the insurance company be the contractors, employees of the insurance company, vendors of the insurance company uses they are really working for the insurance company.

DAVID PISANIC: Who pays for me to do what I do the insurance company therefore I am trying to the best job that I possibly can for the insurance company and that means paying you not one dyne more than what we have to.

JEFFREY GOULD: It is up to you to ensure that everything that you are entitled to has been claimed.

DAVID PISANIC: It is not the insurance company's job at that point to explain to you what your benefits are.

JEFFREY GOULD: You are responsible for your own claim. The insurance company is responsible for to adjust the claim.

DAVID PISANIC: They might say to me I will give you the authority to settle the claim for $5000. If I can the settle for $3000 that makes me look like a hero to the insurance company and they are willing to hire me again. It is all about settling as cheaply as possible. I want you to put your name on the dotted line for a little amount of money as possible.

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