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Taking Complaints to the State

DAVID PISANIC: An insurance adjuster is not always concerned about whether or not you are getting a fair share. He is mostly concerned about moving that file off of his desk. Often times they have way too many claims to handle and if you happened to be one of them in the time when that company is overwhelmed you can expect, you can assume, and you can be assured that your claim is not going to get the proper attention.

MATTHEW LESKO: Where the way I handle insurance companies like that is I will call State Insurance Commissioner.

DAVID PISANIC: And you can call the insurance commission and say I do not feel like I am getting a fair stake here in my investigation would you contact the insurance company for me.

MATTHEW LESKO: So, then the insurance commissioner will contact the insurance company okay. Now it goes in their part or what ever.

DAVID PISANIC: When insurance company is in here from insurance commissioner. Generally they are very well inter cooperate or do a little bit more and make sure that your claim is being handled fairly. Because they did not know that other eyes are going to be looking at this now.

MATTHEW LESKO: Our stakes go higher automatically for the insurance company because the government gives them the right to do business in the state, right. So they have a potential losing all their business. So, a fine, fine for a $500 claim and may be a lot easy that is good give the guy $500 bucks.

DAVID PISANIC: If you think that they are not looking at your claim properly. You need not say something about it and unfortunately most people though they just pretty much accept what the insurance company says this is what it is going to be then what I am going to do.

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