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Turnkey Video Channels for Your Website!

Is your website sticky?

If it isn't, most of your visitors will leave within seconds. Not enough time to engage them, form a relationship, or gain new business. 

LTVN's video-on-demand programming gives them a reason to stick around. With 100's of informative videos, you can now leverage the power of television to engage your online visitors, keep their eyes on your site, and keep them coming back for more.

When registering as a network affiliate, you'll get a turnkey system to:

    • Seamlessly integrate topical channels of greatest interest to your visitors
    • Avoid the cost and complexity of video production, web site design, maintenance and configuration, bandwidth costs, or long-term hosting contracts
    • Instantly deploy an attractive multimedia site which will automatically update as LTVN adds new content

These channels fit seamlessly within your site -- as if you produced them yourself. Your visitors will never have to leave your site to enjoy all of the videos provided and installing LTVN's modules is a snap. Within minutes, you'll convert your site into a multimedia information center, enhance site traffic, educate visitors on the need for your services, and make your site sticky.

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